Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tracy's Big Day

It seemed to sneak up on me so quickly! It felt like we had so much time and before we knew it the Shower was right around the corner. We did a brunch and had everyone write a little note on the mat of a picture of Mike & Tracy, it all turned out beautifully.

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And the Bachelorette! Oh my goodness good times :). Of course we started with pre-drinks and I think all should have been cut off by the time we got to dinner. We went to Cafe Molise and it was delicious and the service was phenomenal. Then we headed to SkyBar and danced the night away. It's always a good night when it ends in Mexican food, lost keys, lost purse and chatting randomly on a coach in a hotel lobby (unfortunetly not all of us got to experience all of those things).

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Finally, the wedding day! Everything went so smoothly it was almost scary. Tracy looked so beautiful and she was so calm, I loved it! Everything turned out perfect. I am so happy for them both.

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Cheers to
Mike & Tracy Mamales

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